Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Freebies to New CABALists

Welcome to Nevareth,

To all our newly registered users, we have something special for you!

If you have just landed here in pursuit of the CABAL, you are blessed to receive this heart-warming gift from the Sages.
Experience the free 7-Day Platinum Service upon registering to CABAL Online PH starting April 21, 2010 (after the Scheduled Server Maintenance).

With CABAL's Platinum Service, you shall be receiving the following advantage:
- Premium Channel Access
- GPS Warp
- EXP +25%
- Skill EXP +25%
- Craft EXP +25%
- WEXP +25%
- Pet EXP +25%
- AXP +25%
- Inventory Tab Expansion. etc.

May you use this gift wisely.

Happy e-Gaming to everyone!

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