Monday, August 10, 2009

Level Progression EVENT: Reach the target level, get the reward!

Great news, CABALists!

e-Games is giving you more reasons to grind this month of August!

Ano ang The Level Progression Event? This will allow existing and new gamers to gain special premium and enhancement items as they reach specific target level requirements!

Magsisimula ang Level Progression Event pagkatapos ng Server Maintenance ngayong August 11 at matatapos ito bago mag-server maintenance ng September 8.

The event will start after the scheduled Server Maintenance of August 11th and will end before the Scheduled Server Maintenance of September 8th.

How to Participate?
1. Check your character level and target amount of level achievement before the event starts on August 11th.
2. Talk to NPC Yul located in Green Despair to check the Level Segment you can join. Achieve the required level achievement target before the event ends.
3. Claim your rewards from NPC Yul after achieving the level goal or wait for the event prize to be distributed by the end of the event period (For Level 170 Gamers only)

Event Rewards Matrix

Potion Set contains 1 Vital Potion (LV 1), 1 Sharpness Potion (LV 1), 1 Mana 1 Condense Potion (LV 1), and 1 Hardness Potion(LV 1).

Lv. 170 Achievement REWARD (Level Gamers who are already Level 170)
Goal is to gain at least 100 AP before the event ends
Reward items:
3 Core Enhancer (Highest)
Rewards will be inserted after the Scheduled Server Maintenance during the event end date.

Reach the TARGET LEVEL Progression requirements by September 8, 2009 to receive the in-game rewards!

Happy grinding, everyone!


torch85 said...

gm ok na po na balik n sa akin chrater ko pero nawala ang 80m kon alz hahahahaha nkkawa talaga pag wala n alz character ko wala n pambili gamit aw!!!!!!!!!!!! ingat nalang bye bye tc O_O ^_^ T_T

jacks said...

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textmassage said...
GM pakiasyunan naman mga DH plzzz

textmassage said...

C:\Program Files\e-Games\CABAL Online (PH)\ScreenShot

racter said...

bakit ganun na meet ko yung required level from 105 to 114 tapos nang claim ko award ko na 3 enhancer high ayaw ma claim

karraz said...

gm ako po c karraz fs ng saturn,....
meron lng po akosa in u sabhin na char na duper... MyBabyAdrea15 at CUBENETS at QUICKSILVER mga duper po cla... paimbistgahan po nmn ang mga cahr na yan ty.. tsaka sana GM mag event kau d2 samin cotabot city location nmin mrami po kau gma player ng cabal d2 adiks kami sa cabal ganda kc^^.
tska paki aus n rin po ung mga DH SH cncra nila ung cbal.. sana pumunta kau d2 sa cotabato city khit sa nov oroct plsssss......