Thursday, June 25, 2009

CABAL i-cafe Tournaments

Attention CABALists in DAVAO!!!

JOIN the CABAL 4 on 4 Tournament on the following dates and venues as we gear up for the DAVAO CYBER Expo Culminating Activity this July 2009!

June 26 Kates Web Cafe (Matina,Davao City)
July 3 Boyztrek Cafe (Toril)
July 10 I-Net Cafe (Bonifacio St, Tagum City)

All players who participate in the tournament get complimentary in-game items.

CABAL Online Mini 4x4 Tournament

Tournament Style: 4-on-4 Knockout Elimination
* Each team will have 4 members
* Every round consists of 1 participant from each side [ 1 type of Character Class per Team]
* The winning participant can complete again, whereas the loser gets knocked out from the current match.
* The battle will continue until one side's team is completely knocked out.

* A set of pre-made characters (Level 170 and equipped with Mithril Set +7), will be used in during the matches.

TOTAL NUMBER of TEAMS: 4 [Ladder Matches]

Rewards for all Tournament Participants/Registrants:
7D Platinum Service Voucher
1-Day Grinding Kit
7D Avatar costume

Rewards to the I-Cafe Winners [Team to Represent the i-Cafe/Area]
30D Crystal Astral Bike [BIND]
30D Blessing Bead Plus [BIND]

REWARDS to the FINAL/CULMINATING Tournament Winners [ 4 Gamers Only]
+4 2-SLOT SIG METAL WEAPON SET [Account Bind-based on the Class of the Registered Account]
30D Diamond Service Voucher
Nevareth Husky PET [BIND]

2nd Placers:
+4 1-Slot SIG Metal Weapon SET [Account Bind-based on the Class of the Registered Account]
Nevareth Husky PET [BIND]

See you there! ^_^


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VLADIMER said...

pano pow ba mag top up sa cabal.kc pag nag lolog-in ako ayaw pmasok..hindi naman mali acc at password ko...plsss answer me asap