Sunday, April 5, 2009

Game Connection Issues

Hello all!

Please be reminded that the e-Games Tech. Team is on top of these ISP-related issues.
Our IT Team is currently coordinating with different ISPs in order to determine the cause of the problem and solve it.

To the gamers from international networks, we are sorry to inform that all official CABAL Online Services are locked in each region. This means CABAL Online PH service is for PH only.

Currently, we're having issues with some ISPs who are not members of VIX (Vitro Internet Exchange ). ISPs with connections who loop to international gateways may encounter issues connecting to CABAL Online PH.

This is something we can resolve by communicating with specific ISPs and will be solved depending on the said ISPs' decision or solution.


modfiles said...

the best post ive read in this blog.
nice to read that your wanna be IT's are scratching their butts now and doing their stuffs. Pero sana non pa nila ginawa when the cabal forum is flooded with the topics regarding connection issues, lags, disconnection, etc. nagsawa na iba and they did some actions which results in players leaving cabal at naghanap na ng ibang malalaro. I just hope its not to late.

Fedz said...

uu nga dapat solusyunan nyo na agad to asap!!!ok naman b4 eh after nyo lang mag server maintenance nagka leche leche na..kung hindi nyo kayang solusyunan yung problem na ginawa nyo balik nyo nlang sa dati ung server mas ok pa un..ampz!!!!!

Health Buddy Nutraceuticals, Inc. said...

what are you gonna do now to all filipino players outside the philippines who spent and played CabalPH before? are you just going to shut them down just like that??
what are the best option that they could take? to play the CabalPH again. i hope you could give some answers because this isn't a solution to the problem. this is running away from the responsiblity.

emptyeyes said...

sana naman po may patunguhan na ang ginagawa nyong paraan para naman pag dating ng lost world patch eh nakakalaro na kami ng ayos.

BoraBoraSociety said...


blizzardriss said...

mabuti pa rin cabal kaysa sa bagong release na game sa kabila
dun lagi dc super lag pa
pero dapat tlaga nila ausin para mas ma enjoy naming players ung game

MissShamP00 said...

mabuti naman at inaayus na.... kasi hirap po talaga na lagi kang ma ddc.. pang 8 days na namin na ganito ang conn. ndi tuloy ako makapag mwar ng 10am 2 10pm... sana b4 dis weekend ay matapos na ang problemang ito... ^_____^

ΣL♠dyMusumeΣ said...

It's true!!!Masyado na talagang problemado ang Mister ko about that connection!! Sobra na, Tama na!!! Ayusin nyo na!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aldrin said...

GM, hnd ako mka open ng cabal, ayaw mag update at sa site ng cabal hnd ko rn ma open. need some assistance here, ty.

alvin joseph said...

gm watz happening d po kmi mkconnect ngaun after mg xhange server d n mkpsok en pg nkpsok nman ngrrollback.
pls pchk thx po ^^