Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CABAL R2D3 Tournament [NCR]

Be in Anonas Complex, Quezon City this Saturday [March 28th] for online tournaments and live contests to win exciting in-game items and merchandise!

Things are heating up we all follow the road to the biggest and most anticipated online gaming event of the year: Domination III!

This March 28, 2009, E-Games will be heading to the Quezon City Area to host the national tournament [NCR Leg] for one of the country's hottest MMORPGs, CABAL Online.

Assert your superiority and earn the right to represent the defenders of Nevareth. Special in-game prizes as well as limited edition CABAL Online merchandise shall be given as rewards to those who are proven worthy!

Read on to know more about the details of the tournament:

CABAL Road to DOMINATION 3 National Tournament [NCR]
March 28, 2009 @ Anonas Complex Quezon City
Gamer's Aid I-Cafe [CABAL Online]

Tournament Style:
4-on-4 Knockout Elimination

* Each team will have 4 members
* Every round consists of 1 participant from each side.
* The winning participant can complete again, whereas the loser gets knocked out from the current match.
* The battle will continue until one side's team is completely knocked out.

* A set of premade characters (Level 170 and equipped with Mithril Set +7), will be used in during the matches.

* Bluestin Weight
Qualifications: Character Levels 30 – 80

* Osmium Weight
Qualifications: Character Levels 81 – 120

* Mithril Weight
Qualifications: Character Levels 121 – 170

* He/she will be qualified on a division depending on his highest level character declared.
* He/she should not be banned. If he/she is, then he should avail of the bail.
* If he/she is permanently banned though. He/she cannot join the event.

Event Proper
* Four [4] teams will be allowed to participate in the Bluestin and Osmium Divisions.
* Eight [8] teams will be allowed to participate in the Mithril Division.
* Registration will be done on a first come first serve basis [Registration starts at 10AM]
* At the end of the tournament, there will be 3 teams to represent the area for each division.
* The three winning teams [1 per division] will be part of the Domination III Tournament. They will compete against the winning team from the other areas [Batangas, Pampanga, Davao, Manila ,and the GLOBE WILDCARD TEAM (Mitril Division only)].
* At the end of the Dom1nation 3 Tournament, three teams will be declared winner representing each division.

Prizes for the NCR Tournament Leg
* Bluestine Weight
4x Osmium / Lapis Weapon [3] [Non-Tradable]
4x Crystal Astral Bike Blue [10D]
4x CABAL Shirt

* Osmium Weight
4x Redosmium / Topaz Weapon [3] [Non-Tradable]
4x Crystal Astral Bike Blue [30D]
4x CABAL Shirt

* Mithril Weight
4x Mithril Weapons [3] [Non-Tradable]
4x Crystal Astral Bike RW3 [30D]
4x CABAL Shirt (each)

So what are you waiting for? Answer the call and pass the message to your fellow CABALists!

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