Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cabalists, Meet the Modern Sages

Dear Cabalists,
I know that you are weary because of the war that looms over the land. However, do not falter heroes of Nevareth; I may not be there to guide you through these dark times but new sages will appear to help you. Their wisdom will lift up your spirit and renew your hope. They will be there to answer your questions, to hold gatherings and give away items that will aid you in your quest.

The new sages, also called Community GMs, along with the Community Manager, will make their in-game appearance on August 4, 2008. So be sober, be vigilant; do not miss them as they pass for you will surely learn something from them.

Know that all the things that threaten Nevareth—war, deception, the Dark One—will soon come to pass; until then, keep the fire burning in your heart.

Capt. Abraxas


sunzo777 said...

Gm!!!! GoOd-morning!!

Gm, bakit po bah na baned ang I.D at pag lag-in ko hndi na!!!
bakit kaya anu po gawin ko!! para mabalik ang character ko sa VENUS.
Sana mabalik sa lahat sa normal!!ang character ko. please po Gm tolugan mo ako!! sa akin problema!! plz po!!.SUNZO777

ritchell said...

bago heroes to????