Sunday, April 27, 2008

Express your support for CABAL Online PH!!!

Greetings to all!
As part of the initial steps in forming and promoting the CABAL Online PH Community, we are encouraging all gamers to start developing UCCs. ^_^
What are UCCs?
UCCs [USER-CREATED CONTENT/s] can transpire in the form of developing your own CABAL-Inspired Websites, Images, Comics, Blogs, Fan Sites, Music Videos, and short video clips. We believe that there are gamers out there who are good in writing, web-designs, video-making, and conceptualizing great ideas and expressing them in the form of User-Created Content/s.

Are you creative enough to take this challenge?
Should you like to share your CABAL-Inspired creation to this growing community, please don't hesitate to send us links and images of your CABAL-related creations, Blogs, Comics, Wallpapers, Videos, Poems, Essays, Guides, etc.

Who knows; your creation might be featured in our Official Website!!! [^_^]v


Dio Brando said...

Highly interested in submitting. Here's my online portfolio:

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